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A versatile Japanese santoku that handles most culinary preparations, with a molded handle to fit perfectly in a right-handed grip. This product is available in 2 sizes with a blade length of 140 and 180mm. It is part of the extensive Kai Shun Classic line.

Taille: Lame 140 mm
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Santoku available in 2 sizes (140 and 180 mm) - Shun Classic - DM-0727 / DM-0702

Kai Shun adapts the age-old forge of the samurai to make exceptional Japanese knives for the modern kitchen.

All of the world-renowned Classic series knives have a highly tapered blade, making them much sharper than Western knives. A core of hard VG MAX steel, surrounded by 32 layers of Damascus steel, makes it extremely durable and rust resistant, allowing the knife to retain its sharpness between sharpenings with only a whetstone. The layers, which create a unique pattern on each knife, prevent food from sticking to the side of the blade.

Traditionally, the tarnish-resistant pakka wood handle has a chestnut (or "D") shape that molds perfectly to a right-handed person's hand, but this brand is so popular that it is also available in a left-handed version.

The overall balance and lightness of this knife, along with the unmatched precision of this blade, makes chopping, slicing and dicing a breeze.

We offer a free annual sharpening service for 10 years after the purchase of a Kai Shun knife, exclusively for customers registered in the "Damascus Club".


Brand : Kai
Series : Shun Classic
Model: DM-0727 / DM-0702
Blade size: 140 and 180 mm
Handle size: 112 and 122 mm
Blade material: VG Max (HRC 61 +/-)
Damascus steel: 64 layers (32 layers on each side of the blade)

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In the field of high quality blades, there is no limit to the price. So this set allows you to combine high quality blades, a limited but complete range of the 3 essential blades (the small and functional paring knife, the slicer for the big one and the 10cm for lifting fillets, tomatoes, etc.) and a competitive price. The cutting edge is really razor sharp, so much so that even if I am used to knives (I am a chef in my own restaurant and a knife enthusiast), my first steps with the Kai were... sharp! Beware of the fingers...

Warning: wash and dry after use, do not put in the washing machine, take care of it like a friend... Otherwise they make you pay. For the maintenance, I took the sharpening stones Kasumi 240/1000 and 3000/8000 (expensive but essential). Don't try to sharpen them on cheap stones, you'll kill them.

The wooden box completes the package... Great product.

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